Huh, finally figured all the things out.
Sorry for not writing yesterday, but I wasn't home much. My brother just finished primary school, so we went to some fancy restaurant.
Then I went to a party. Yes that's right, I (the most awkward and dorky person alive) was invited to a party. At the begnning I tought I was gonna die of boredom, becaue I was in no mood for drinking and the people I wanted to see were a no-show. But when I was just about to go home, some friends got really drunk. One of them pointed at the moon and screamed: 'look, the sun is wet'. They were so hillarious. And then guess what. People I wanted to see came hahaha.
We were just sitting on the grass, drinking champagne and laughing when L suddenly decided that he wants to go for a walk. And there we went. It was nearly midnight we were walking through the forest and singing loudly. We weren't really drunk, just in a good mood. And when we came back, guess what I was smelling. Weed, that's right.
I got high, so high. Everyting was funny, I mean everything, even that the person next to you is laughing. L was shaking his hand and screaming: 'Look, I can shoot squares'. I was laughing for half an hour straight, my stomach hurt so bad and even that was funny to me.
Then I had to go home. I would surely stay, but I didn't have the ride and  had to go with my friend. There were so many turns on the way back and I wanted to puke so bad. I was literally convncing myself that I'm ok and I'm not sick for half an hour and I succeeded ^^
When I was in front of my house and fishing for keys in my bag I was glad that I came home that early. Early hahha it was 2am. At least my parents weren't giving me a hard time unlike last weekend when I came home at 3pm hahaha.
If I'm invited to a party I don't really look foreward to it, but I go anyway and at the end I'm happy that I went.

xoxo Kristina
I'm new here & I've never been writing a blog before so I'm still figuring some stuff out. I don't even know why I started writing it now. Probably because I started watching Awkward. recently. And also summer holidays started, so I have nothing better to do.

Till next time xoxo


    Hi^^Kristina, 16, Slovenia.
    The purpose of this blog is mostly to entertain me, so you'll be finding a lot of random stuff here that I just want to share with the world. Enjoy.
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    June 2013